Crudele & De Lima

The Firm is composed of 2 principals:  Robert J. Crudele, Esq. and Brian J. De Lima, Esq.  Each has been engaged in the practice of law in excess of 31 and 26 years, respectively, and has a varied background of knowledge and experience.

The Firm’s principal areas of practice include: personal injury, commercial/business, real estate, domestic relations, criminal defense and other types of litigation; business transactions and planning; tax counseling, business and asset sales and acquisitions; alternate dispute resolution, real estate transactions, and estate planning.

The Firm prides itself in being able to offer clients competitive rates without sacrificing its ability to provide quality and timely service. The Firm has also undertaken to physically design its office environment to maximize its ability to manage its personnel while reducing overhead cost.

In order to assure efficient and prompt service, the Firm provides each attorney and member of its support staff with the latest in telecommunications, computer, copying, and other office equipment. Our office is equipped with the latest in IBM compatible computers and software.  All attorneys and support staff terminals are networked.  The Firm, through its use of notebook type computers, assures easy access to personnel even while traveling, thus increasing efficiency and productivity.  The computer system is used for litigation, support, case tracking, and monthly billing.  All printing is done by laser printer.  A hard copy fax is available for transmissions 24 hours a day.


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